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Website Services

Website Development

We look at website development a bit differently than other webmasters. First, we prefer to create sites our clients can update themselves to keep future costs to a minimum. Secondly, since our clients typically need an entire solution that gets the site built and traffic coming to it, the websites we build achieve three critically important things:

  1. provide easy navigation based on your target market’s interests
  2. move prospects through the sales process, and
  3. include search engine optimizatio (SEO) so your site comes up when people search for it.

We provide full website development, including:

  • securing a domain name
  • choosing and setting up the right website hosting service
  • providing design and layout of the site
  • finding proper graphics and adding available photos
  • writing copy and headlines
  • shopping cart development
  • website promotion (i.e., advertising banners and pay-per-click campaigns, etc.)
  • updating your site as required

We also work with small businesses that prefer to handle part of the design, layout or copywriting themselves. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll jump right in.

Before starting website design project, we’ll provide you with a quote and explain everything that’s included. Please call Nancy at 425-415-6427 or email her at

Social Media

Our social media campaigns start with a clearly defined strategy to raise awareness of your business and maintain a consistent presence. A successful campaign includes improving exposure to your clients and vendors while also finding new business opportunities.

We start by learning about your target market and what they will respond to on your social media pages.Then, we provide any or all of the following, depending on your needs:

  • choose the best social media platforms
  • setup pages using your company’s branding
  • produce, write and upload valuable postings based on the frequency you need
  • write blog posts with keyword optimization for high rankings in search engine results
  • interact with people who comment so they know your business is listening
  • optimize posts with pertinent keywords
  • develop and implement promotional strategies

Please call Nancy at 425-415-6427 or email her at to discuss your social media needs.