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Elements of a Business Plan

When I write business plans to help my clients seek financing, the following elements must be explained, or the bank is likely to say “no.” … Read more




Improve Your 60-Second Networking Commercial

Imagine this…you attend a meeting where each attendee gets the opportunity to stand up and talk about their business for 30 or 60 seconds.  When it’s your turn, your opening statement is so catchy that you immediately grab…  Read more



Take the Test: Does Your Marketing Copy Sell?

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Take the Test Part II: Do Your Marketing Materials Really Grab Attention?

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10 Tips to Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines

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Use Key Messages to Explain How Your Company is Unique

You’ve got your audience’s attention, and now it’s time to tell them how you can solve their problem.  Don’t bog your audience down with boring details that just talk about how great you are… Read more




Tips to Help Your Writer Create Copy That Sells!

Good writing requires more than just putting words, sentences and paragraphs together. A good writer must also be marketing-savvy and know how to speak to your target audience… Read more





Tips to Writing More Effective Copy

Recently, I wrote 53 500-word articles in less than three weeks for an online knowledge resource website.  My contract required fast writing with language that grabbed the reader’s attentionRead more